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Vacation Rental Property Management

The Gulf Beaches of Florida are an amazing vacation destination.  They are home to some of the most beautiful, sandy beaches in the world, maintaining a private, beach town feel, yet only minutes to amazing urban attractions and sporting events.  As realtors, we are constantly being reached out to by out of towners, looking for a place to stay for a weekend, week, month, or longer and have nowhere near enough properties to accommodate them.  

As a member the Gulf Beaches community for almost 15 years, we can't tell you how many beautiful homes we see sit empty for weeks or months at a time, as the community is filled with seasonal residents and people taking long trips and vacations.  Not only does that raise safety issues, as criminals prey on vacant homes, as well as no one being around to address a small issue before it becomes a major issue, but also it's a wasted opportunity for homeowners to receive additional income.  Allow us to marry these two groups of empty rooms and people looking for guests, and line your pockets with extra cash, while doing nothing at all.

Why Rent Your Place?

  • Money-Renting your home to qualified, screen guests when you aren't there is a quick and easy way way to make extra money.
  • Safety,-Criminals prey on empty homes, while renting your home to screened guests lets criminals know someone is home.
  • Sense of Community-We live in an amazing area, with a strong sense of neighborhood and community, let's show it off!

Why Use GRG?

  • Convenience-Let us handle the marketing, screening,managing, and cleaning.  You just sit back and make money.
  • We Are Local-We know the area and can resond to any issues within minutes.
  • We Are You-As homeowners, residents,  and landlords ourselves, we understand, andticipate, and solve your concerns
  • No long-term commitment or availability required
  • Aggressive Pricing,-Ten percent less than typical competitor


Will my insurance cover this?

Typical homeowners insurance takes care of most claims, but our partners to provide an additional $1,000,000 in coverage for your property.

Where do you find the guests?

We work with multiple partners to market your property and screen your guests.

What are the costs?

There is zero upfront fee, you will never write us a check.  We handle the transaction, take our portion of the revenues (typically 25%), and deliver the rest of the money to you within 5-7 business days.

What happens if the guests have an emergency?

Then we will handle it.  We have staff available 24 hours to handle any and all guest-related emergencies.  We are local and only a 5-10 minute drive from most properties.

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